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We're a digital agency in Surrey. Specialising in Drupal Website Development and Mobile Applications for iOS & Android

Founded as a Drupal agency in 2009, from day one we have been laser focused on specialising in everything Drupal. More than a content management framework, Drupal is a passionate community of over 600,000 talented developers that help each other to build amazing online experiences.
Whether its HTML5, CSS3, W3C or Drupal Coding standards, we make sure all our code is compiled to industry best practices. This ensures it renders correctly on all devices, is accesible to all users, is indexed in the search engines and is easy to maintain.
We build both native and HTML5 based apps for iOS and Android - You can find our apps being used in more than 180 retail displays across the UK. All with their content managed remotley via a Drupal based content framework.
Gone are the days of simply building a 5 page static website. We will ensure your website performs across all modern devices, including smart phones and tablets. Adjust your browser window size or use your mobile device to see it in action on this site.

"Technology allows us to communicate in real time across a myriad of devices and screen sizes. Our Mobile Applications and Drupal websites allow anyone to update their content on the go, on any device: it's as simple as using a pen and paper, and as robust as a typewriter!"

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Meet The Team

Our team is always growing, we're always looking for new talent to join us!

Graham Roberts Systems Architect

After delivering enormous, end to end projects based on the Drupal framework Graham wanted to lead a team that could take on the jobs that nobody else would undertake. The ugly jobs where the problems are hard to solve, where you must dive deep into complex code and where you must have an expert knowledge of the entire tech stack to successfully and efficiently resolve serious functional, performance and security related problems.

Robert Clark Managing Director

Rob takes care of the day to day commercial aspects of the business, all whilst testing sites, installing modules via drush and editing views and panel layouts. An expereinced Drupal site builder, you will find him either on the phone solving our clients challenges or getting his hands dirty with the dev team into the small hours of the morning!

Paul Harvey Drupal Architect

Paul was 100% converted to Drupal after realising WordPress was a glorified blog. An expereinced PHP developer, Paul remembers the days when he had to code his own CMS from scratch. A trusted member of the team he knows better than most how Drupal works and how to achieve whatever task he is set. Paul is secretly in charge, but dont tell Alex!

Paul Reeves Lead developer

Specialties: Drupal, PHP, MySQL & Guitar! Before contracting to Online Perspectives, Paul was Technical Director at Viacom International, overseeing development for the UK, CEE, Isreal, Russia, Ukraine, Baltics & Australia.


A snippet from the Online Perspectives World

Drupalcon Amsterdam

Currently away in Amsterdam learning the new ooo's and ahhh's about Drupal 8. 

Austin and Yorkshire

We're in Austin! Well Alex is, learning all the new cool stuff in Drupal 8 and working on it as well. But on the Saturday we're at Drupalcamp Yorkshire via Google Hangouts presenting "Save time and use panels".


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For thirty years, Foresight Science & Technology Incorporated has been helping companies, universities, governments agencies and foundations create, manage, and extract value from their intellectual assetsinternationally. Foresight Science & Technology (UK) Ltd is now able to offer the same products and services to UK and European customers. 

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Located in the greenbelt on the leafy outskirts of Guildford we are just two miles from Worplesdon train station. A short 32 minute train trip puts us in the heart of London.